Charles Wright and Sons are able to offer LimeX back loaded during the sugar beet season. We can also offer a delivered and spread service throughout the year at competitive terms.

Proven over more than 70 years, LimeX is an easily spreadable, high-quality liming material ideal for the correction of soil acidity and general conditioning.

LimeX has proven benefits from use within agricultural industry for over 70 years:

  • Optimises pH to maximise yields and profitability
  • Rapidly corrects soil acidity for better return on expenditure
  • Persistent pH control for better return on expenditure
  • Supplies useful plant nutrients
  • Improves soil structure at higher rates
  • Compatibility with organic systems

Limex has some unique product features such as:

  • Very fine particle size – which ensures fast-acting and lasting pH correction
  • Dry substance level - minimises dust when spreading
  • Nutrient content - provides useful contribution to soil fertility
  • Organic approval - via the Soil Association
  • Storage robustness - offers on-farm flexibility


A unique advantage of LimeX70 is the value of the nutrients integral in the product.

LimeX70 contains 10 P2O5 Kg/tonne, 7 MgO Kg/tonne and 12 So3 kg/tonne.


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