Charles Wright and Sons are able to offer the full range of Fibrophos products on a delivered and spread basis across Lincolnshire.

Fibrophos is a concentrated multi-nutrient compound fertiliser. Which is produced in the UK, it is made from a sustainable and renewable fuel from poultry litter that is burned to generate electricity. This process leaves behind a nutrient-rich by product called Fibrophos. Fibrophos contains all nutrients except nitrogen that were present in the poultry litter and recycles these nutrients to the soil.

Fibrophos is a valuable source of immediately available and long-term forms of phosphate and potash. It also contains useful amounts of secondary nutrients and trace elements.

Fibrophos is inorganic, has no smell and can be used where appropriate as an alternative to manufacture fertilisers.

Benefits of Fibrophos

  • All grades of Fibrophos put back the major, secondary and trace nutrients to help maintain healthy soils.
  • An ideal Phosphate and Potash fertiliser for use across the farm
  • Perfect for grassland and arable alike
  • Phosphate releases throughout the growing season, optimising crop growth
  • Contains Potash and Magnesium in balance so reduces the risk of grass staggers
  • Consistent, well-established and proven product for over 18 years
  • Entirely produced in the UK
  • Available in a range of grades to suit your soils
  • Applied by experienced contractors it gives you more time at busy periods
  • Contains valuable secondary elements - Magnesium, Sulphur, Calcium, Sodium
  • Contains a wide range of trace elements at no extra cost
  • Competitively priced
  • Environmentally friendly and derived from renewable sources

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