Soil Sampling & Mapping

As a business we can offer a full soil sampling service from basic pH through to broad spectrum analysis. Using a Kubota atv which is fitted with a Wintex 1000 system we are able to take samples quickly and efficiently down to 25cm accurately. The Wintex system uses a probe, not an auger, which ensures a completely standardised sample which is a core of the soil to the required depth. The probe takes a sample of 300-450g of soil which is the preferred quantity to be used in laboratory analysis. The sample is then automatically placed in to the box ready to be sent to the laboratory to analysis, this makes for a very quick and effective system.

The Wintex system is fully connected to a gps positioning system which is equipped to pin point each sample so it can be recorded and later used to produce maps with sample results for either pH or nutrient mapping.

Please speak to the office about your requirement.

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